Arda from Temptation Island “shocked by fame”

Arda from Temptation Island "shocked by fame"

my viewers temptation island He did not have a good word for Larda, who cheated on his girlfriend several times during the program. “For a while it was as if both Flanders and the Netherlands hated me. Personally, I had never heard a bad word before, but through social media … there were a lot of accusations,” says the reality star.

He also did not expect his participation to have such an impact on his life. “Since our engagement, I’ve been particularly shocked by the fame that comes with such a TV show. Amber and I were first introduced: I saw it coming, but so far – even on vacation – we’re talking about temptation island. ”

Arda and Amber did not participate as a couple Temptation Island. Arda was initially involved with his then-girlfriend Elke, but unfortunately their relationship ended after slipping through the show.

He eventually falls head over heels for Amber, who can be considered tempting on the show. The two soon decided to live together and there now seduction-Baby. Last year, Amber gave birth to a baby boy.

He definitely does not regret this adventure. “Thanks to a TV show I met the woman in my life,” said the young father, “and now we also have a wonderful son from Amari.”

also in Temptation Island: Love or Leave A lot is about to happen. Jamila opens a book in the language love therapy About her Spanish adventure. You can watch the video below.

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