New game movie adaptation: Chris Pratt becomes world-famous Mario

New game movie adaptation: Chris Pratt becomes world-famous Mario

Chris Pratt She has appeared in animated films before lego movieA franchise at Pixar’s onwards. It seems that this tastes more than that, because the actor will not now lend his voice to the world-famous Mario.

Pratt will play Super Mario, an animated film based on the popular Nintendo video game character. Video game mods are always a gamble, since not all of them are convincing, but in recent years they seem to be going in the right direction.

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In 1993, Super Mario Bros. came out. Abroad, a movie often rated as the worst video game movie ever made. In recent years, like movies Pokemon: Detective PikachuAnd Tomb rider employment sonic the hedgehog To do everything right, so now Mario gets a second chance!

Pratt plays the lead role, but the rest of the cast could also be there. Anya will play Taylor-Joy Peach, Jack Black Bowser, Charlie Day Luigi, and Seth Rogen Donkey Kong. see below.

On social media, essential people told that Pratt wasn’t the best choice for Mario and would rather see someone else take on the role of the little Italian plumber. Pratt has of course been a big name in Hollywood for the past 10 years. Next year we’ll see if this works well. See some of the comments below.

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