‘EU and US want to control big technology market power together’

‘EU en Verenigde Staten willen samen marktmacht Big Tech reguleren’

The European Union and the United States soon plan to see if they can jointly control the market power of large technology companies. This was reported by the business news service Reuters based on the draft note.

According to Reuters The aim is for the United States and the European Union to agree on a joint approach to Big Tech regulation. It mainly revolves around the market power of technology companies such as AWS, Apple, Google and Facebook. A meeting was scheduled for September 29.

Joint technical regulation

More specifically, there should be consultations on regulating technical sites and exchanging views on how the two sides can work together in this matter. In doing so, the EU and the United States want to ensure that almost the same rules apply on both sides of the Atlantic, thereby facilitating control.

Think about the competition in the digital advertising market or the protection of democratic processes by relevant technology platforms. The latter, among other things, is to prevent foreign interference in democratic elections and to spread false news.

Other regulation of digital matters that can be agreed upon by both parties includes the prevention of hate speech, the widespread multiplication of algorithms and data access for researchers.

Do not go

It has now been announced that the scheduled meeting will not take place. This is due to the recent trade and strategic conflict between the United States and EU member France over the supply of submarines from the United States to Australia. Other EU member states support France, saying the distribution violates previous French agreements with the Australian government.

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