Tired of unknown callers? You must do that

Tired of unknown callers?  You must do that

Everyone suffers from it sometimes: you get a call from an unknown number and when you answer it’s often a conversation you don’t wait for at all. We tell you what you can do better to block unknown callers.

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Block unknown callers on your iPhone

Tired of unknown callers on your iPhone? Especially if they keep trying to get to you, it quickly becomes very annoying. On the iPhone you then have a few things to do. Hopefully you will have less of a problem then.

1. Block all unknown callers

On iPhone, you can block unknown callers. However, a specific anonymous caller cannot be blocked. So you only have the option to keep them all. Do it in the following way.

Block unknown callers on iPhone

  1. Click on “Settings”;
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Phone”.;
  3. Click on “Silence unknown callers”;
  4. Set the “Keep unknown callers silent” slider to On;

Calls from unknown numbers are ignored, sent to voicemail, and shown in Recent Calls. Your iPhone will still ring for calls from your contacts, people you called, and calls from Siri Suggestions.

2. Block certain unknown callers on iPhone

Blocking a specific unknown number is not only possible. To do this, you will need to contact your carrier and ask them to start an investigation. Keep in mind that they don’t just take action. They usually only happen if you get teased frequently.

Many providers have a special form for this on their website (KPNAnd Tele2And T-Mobile And Vodafone). You fill in a number of questions and note the times you were harassed. If your carrier can figure out who this unknown caller is on your iPhone, it will ask them to stop this behavior.

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