February 4, 2023

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Tiger King's Carol Baskin Responds To The 'Existing' Husband

Tiger King’s Carol Baskin Responds To The ‘Existing’ Husband

Since 1997, there has been no trace of Don Lewis, the millionaire who was married to Carol. The first season of tiger king She spoke in detail about his disappearance and possible relationship with Carol after her arch-rival Joe Exotic accused her of killing her husband. It now appears that Don has been seen “safe and alive” in Costa Rica, according to the second season of the Netflix series. She said in an interview with the British program that it also comes as a shock to Carol This morning.

“This was one of the most exciting things in the series,” Carroll says of the document that surfaced that should show Don alive. The animal activist has been suspected for years to be involved in his disappearance or possible murder. So she was called a “high-profile suspect” by the police. But according to Carol, none of that is true. She explains in: “The Department of Homeland Security must have known this since 2002, because that was when that department was formed.” This morning.

“Now they say my husband is alive,” says Carol, puzzled. “And yet they act as if I had something to do with his disappearance.” It was without doing anything to control Carol’s divorce. For example, he took out a life insurance policy worth one and a half million before his disappearance. He is also said to have traveled back and forth to Costa Rica several times, each time taking $100-200,000 with him. Don’s daughter Donna said of this: “It sounds like something my dad would do. It seemed like he was transferring as much money from America as possible so that when he divorced Carol there would be less money to pay back.”

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Despite the revelation that Don will still be alive, there is not much talk in the new tiger king on recognition. In the video below you can see why.