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The general idea of ​​making electric cars more fuel efficient is of course a great one, but what you’re arguing is a bit unrealistic.
For starters, limiting the size of the battery is the same as limiting the fuel capacity of a fuel vehicle. What is the chance of this succeeding? Besides, it doesn’t matter much. It simply means that you use the charger more often and there is absolutely no problem for home chargers.

Then the weight of the electric car is less different than the weight of the fuel car. This extra weight is an advantage in restoring braking energy. They do not cancel each other out, but the weight loss effect is much smaller.

The trend towards larger cars was already starting (far) before electric cars came on the market. This had a huge impact on average consumption even at that time. We couldn’t change that: Higher fuel tax, higher road tax: A bigger car is clearly so important that people are willing to dig deep into their pockets. This is no different from electric vehicles.

It’s also a temporary problem, by the way, so the question is how much energy should we put into the solution. As renewable energy becomes cheaper rapidly, the supply will also increase. Then there will automatically be financially attractive solutions to accommodate the items in the delivery. The need to strengthen the infrastructure has also appeared to everyone, so progress will be made there in the coming years as well. The end result is that we eventually have enough electricity at our disposal. This will take some time, especially in a country where these types of changes are very slow. Because the Dutch language.

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