June 9, 2023

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Thunderful Games announces LEGO Bricktales puzzle game – Gaming – News

Publisher Thunderful Games has announced LEGO Bricktales with a gameplay trailer. The puzzle game will be released for PC sometime in 2022 and is being developed by ClockStone, the developer behind all the games in the Bridge Constructor franchise.

LEGO Bricktales consists of LEGO story modesandbox; In the story mode, the player creates his own mini figure. The goal is to restore the amusement park of the main character’s grandfather, which is only possible through space technology. This technology is powered by happiness crystals, The crystals that the player can collect with the help of the problematic Lego characters.

The game consists of five different Lego worlds, each filled with a number of puzzles. For example, in some situations, players need to reach a certain point by building a flying machine. In other scenarios, the player must use, for example, a self-built bridge and the game within the game Physics up to personality. With each of the puzzles, the player receives a pre-selected set of Lego. Then it is up to them to assemble the stones in a creative and practical way.

In addition, LEGO Bricktales includes a file sandboxThe mode where the puzzle can be reconstructed from the story mode without restrictions. In this mode, players are given the freedom to create more advanced structures. New tiles can be opened by turning on the story mode.

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