Linda de Mol is back in business: She started recording TV series | Displays

Linda de Mol is back in business: She started recording TV series |  Displays

Linda de Mol (57 years old) is back at work. The presenter and actress began recording a TV series that is supposed to air on SBS 6 in September, and Lies Visschedijk, Waldemar Torenstra and Daan Schuurmans also play roles in the series.

This confirms a spokeswoman for Blooming Media, the company that produced the series. It’s still unclear exactly what the series will look like, but last year Linda De Mol told DJ Lex Gaarthuis on the radio show’s podcast. 10 Already about the arrival of this series. It will be about the ups and downs, before and behind the scenes, for a TV show.

The series would be a “big wink” to the television world, according to Linda de Mol at the time. Some people might recognize themselves in it, but of course I would never admit that. We’ll see if everyone is athletic about it.” The recordings were supposed to have started earlier, but were postponed due to Corona.

After the news around Holland sound And the alleged cross-border behavior of Groen Rittbergen, husband of presenter Linda de Mol, has her television career temporarily suspended. So it became chasing a million dollars, which is supposed to return to air on March 27, has been postponed until the fall. Not only did she have her TV homework suspended, but she can no longer be read or seen in her own magazine at the moment.

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