This weird new dating show is coming to the Netherlands

This weird new dating show is coming to the Netherlands

On this new reality show, singles go as on Mavs marry a stranger. Nothing strange for Dutch viewers, because we can see this on RTL for eight seasons Mavs. What participants in it stranded on honeymoon island Little do they know that their honeymoon is turning into a real nightmare. They are dropped fresh from the wedding on a deserted island on the way to no Robinson Expedition Where the two should live. With their wedding clothes still on, they wash up on the beach, which is reminiscent of EOTB.

Do harsh conditions bring couples closer together? Or will their marriage not last? This is the big question of the adventurous experience, which the creators of Mavs. The program was first broadcast in Belgium and has now been sold to a Dutch channel. It is not yet clear which channel it is. An RTL spokesperson says that the channel – that too Mavs Broadcast – Interested in coordinating, but can’t confirm anything yet.

Attention reality lovers! On our online talk show Realitea, Farja Farvardin – better known as Fawry not Sawry – discusses the top and latest news from the ground. This week ladies Temptation Island: Love it or leave it a guest. You can see the episode below.

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