This way you can send images in high resolution via WhatsApp

This way you can send images in high resolution via WhatsApp

Finally, WhatsApp has launched the feature to send a high-resolution image. In this tip we explain step by step how to do it yourself.

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Send high resolution images via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used chat applications and it is constantly updated with new features. The functionality to send photos in the original resolution is now finally being rolled out. However, at the time of this writing, this option can only be used by beta testers of the app. When the feature will be available to everyone, we don’t know yet.

In this way, you can send an image in its original format via WhatsApp

  1. open WhatsApp and the chat in which you want to send a photo;
  2. tap on the paperclip and choose “Camera” or “Gallery”;
  3. The image is selected, then click the “HD icon” in the top bar;
  4. Choose HD quality and press the green bar: “Done”:
  5. Add a comment if necessary and submit the photo.

If you send a high-resolution image, a small high-resolution banner will be displayed in the chat conversation. That way, you as the sender – but also the recipient – know it’s all about a photo in perfect resolution. WhatsApp also displays a small note when sending. High-resolution images are sharper, but standard images take up less storage space and are therefore faster to send.

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In WhatsApp itself, it’s honestly hard to see the difference between the two types of images. If you view the photos via a gallery app, the differences are even more noticeable. The same applies if you view them on a PC.

no tester This way you can still send high resolution images

Not a WhatsApp tester and don’t want to wait for the new feature? Then you can still send the photos in high quality as a document. The disadvantage of this is that the image cannot be seen in the chat conversation and you will not see it immediately in your gallery.

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