This US government wants to get bitcoin

This US government wants to get bitcoin

The state of Tennessee in the United States is looking for a company to store bitcoin.

The Ministry of Finance wants to appeal to the market. As stated in it Nashville Post The state is not going to start with Bitcoin, but it wants a portion of their money.

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Bitcoin is ideal for storing yourself without additional services. But with regard to public money, there are additional rules attached to the savings system. Technical knowledge is also a problem.

Tennessee currently has no bitcoin or crypto. However, for example, in the event of a seizure of bitcoin, the government wants an easier way to deal with it.

The government is pre-ordering BTC’s potential holdings. The exam will be announced on May 10.

A bill is pending in Tennessee to allow states and municipalities to invest in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin in the United States

The United States still issues the world’s reserve currency: the US dollar. This creates some benefits that need to be protected.

At the same time, bitcoin has become a hotly debated topic in politics. Politicians, especially at the local level, make it a positive agenda.

In Texas, the energy market is focused on bitcoin mining, while in states like Wyoming, the financial sector has relaxed slightly. At the other end of the spectrum, we see New York State: Bitcoin companies in the country are in dire need of them.

Bitcoin has been the subject of debate during various election campaigns.

In short: there is a lot going on around bitcoin in the United States. News coming in from Tennessee fits the current trend.

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