This site instantly knows the ideal tire pressure | camel

This site instantly knows the ideal tire pressure |  camel

on the site After entering the license plate and tire size, motorists can read the exact correct tire pressure for their vehicle.

In the Netherlands, no less than 60 percent of all cars have underinflated tyres. This can amount to an additional €150 per car per year in fuel costs. The government also wants cars to get around with the correct tire pressure, and so has created a website. The site associates a registration number with the RDW’s vehicle data. The specifics of the vehicle manufacturer, size and maximum loading capacity of the tires are also taken into account.

Many motorists do not know the correct tire pressure

And according to Vaco, one of the reasons motorists don’t regularly inflate their tires is because they don’t know the correct tire pressure. Tire pressure that is too low is bad for fuel consumption and therefore the environment, but it is also bad for road holding. There is also an increased chance of exploding. But if the tire pressure is too high, this in turn leads to poor contact with the road and more tire wear.

Here you will find tire pumps

The website also offers a calendar alert. This will send drivers a reminder every two months so they know it’s time to check the tires and, if necessary, inflate them to the correct pressure. To make it easier for motorists to find a tire pump, the government also has a website advanced. Motorists can use this site to find the nearest place where they can get their tires inflated (for free) or inflated.

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