Oranges step onto the dance floor when visiting Bonaire

Oranges step onto the dance floor when visiting Bonaire


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With a day filled with activities, which even included dancing, the Royal Family’s visit to the Caribbean, Netherlands, has officially begun. Princess Amalia, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima kicked off their day on Bonaire yesterday with Edison Regna, who has ruled the island since 2014. It’s the first official business trip for 19-year-old Amalia.

The Orangemen saw with their own eyes an important part of Bonaire’s slavery past. They visit the slave huts at Witte Pan, where slaves lived at the time. There they learned that the younger generation of the present day dared to discuss the subject, while in the past they often kept silent.

Climate Change at the Lunch Center

During the lunch, the royal delegation spoke with the people of Bonaire, among other things about agricultural development and poverty reduction. Influencer Meralne Bomba was invited to dinner. The 31-year-old Bonairean is calling attention to climate change, which could lead to flooding of large parts of the island in the future.

“It was an honor to be invited to this,” she said afterwards. “It was a very relaxed atmosphere and everyone was open to listening.”

When Leerorkest then started to the music, he took the oranges out onto the dance floor. Amalia and her parents got together with the locals and danced to the music together:

After a few dancing steps, another visit to Sorobon Bay was scheduled. They attended a surfing demonstration there and toured the mangrove area. The trio discussed conservation in the coastal region with Junior Rangers from the National Parks Corporation.

The day ended with the Taste of Bonaire event, where local dishes were on the menu. King Willem-Alexander was a fan of Bon Ku Ne, a card game similar to bingo. Finally, Amalia and her parents attended a concert, where again there was jubilant applause and dancing.

The royal party’s visit will last from January 27 to February 9. Today Willem-Alexander, Máxima and Amalia are having a day off. After Bonaire, they will travel to Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba. There, too, much attention will be paid to the past of slavery.

What makes a trip more than just a business visit, we explain in this video:

Why Amalia’s first official business trip isn’t just a visit

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