This is what Peter Gillis used to look like

This is what Peter Gillis used to look like

As a successful businessman and the star of his own hit series The block is cache It is now impossible to imagine the limelight without Peter Gillis. Mary, would you have known the entrepreneur in the past? We once dug through the archives and found a sweet snapshot of the reality star from his early years – long before he lost his (unruly) hair.

Quote 500

As the owner of the Oostappen Group Holiday Parks, the businessman has done well. His status as a TV star in SBS6 didn’t hurt him, of course. For example, Peter regularly in Quote 500 He is now a real celebrity thanks The block is cache.

As hard as it may be to imagine, Peter didn’t always live his life with a bald head. In addition to a full head of hair, Peter had a bushy mustache!

Burger stand

On Instagram, Peter has already looked back on his past as a young man with big ambitions. He also shared this sweet old box shot, in which the entrepreneur is totally unrecognizable:

Peter writes with the photo: “I worked hard from an early age… This photo is from the photo section of my book Peter Gillis: NuggetCache. Besides working as a butcher, I had my own stand selling hamburgers, hot dogs and fresh salads. If you want to achieve something, you have to work hard for it.” And that obviously benefited the entrepreneur!

The new season Massa is casa

Since May 23, we can see Peter again in the new season of The block is cache, and we may be able to follow it closely in the process of its disposal. For example, he recently said that he lost an impressive 27 kilograms. Who we will definitely never see again is Nicole Creamers. Although the two were together for five years, at the end of 2022 they decided to go their separate ways. Whether we’ll see any new faces next season, we can only wait and see. We are curious!

Source: Panorama, | Photo: NL Image, Patrick Van Emst

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