Former Op1 broadcaster Talitha Muusse had to ‘keep secret’ some political parties by KRO-NCRV

Former Op1 broadcaster Talitha Muusse had to 'keep secret' some political parties by KRO-NCRV

Once again, the former Op1 presenter clapped out of school about the Op1 talk show method. In her words, Talitha Moussa was not allowed to go against certain political parties that were the subject of debate. She had to “keep a low profile” from her announcer KRO-NCRV during the broadcast of Op1. Once again proof that the idea of ​​an objective nonprofit organization is a farce.

Talitha Muse She doesn’t hold back since she broke free from her old employer’s stifling shackles. I have, once again, opened a book on how KRO-NCRV works on the talk show in 1. From the start, the announcers told her that she should lower her voice.

Her critical attitude was not always good with the editor-in-chief and some political parties did not appreciate him either. Her announcer told her she should be less critical, and that leaves I know. According to Talitha Muusse, KRO-NCRV didn’t mind behaving as a kind of thought police.

“No one interfered between them. That pressure was thrown on my tablet right away, like: You’re under a magnifying glass with such and such, stay out of sight. That was from the first week I was there. So I couldn’t really do it right.”

Not only has this been commented on, she has also regularly received a request to remove outdated and critical media messages from her social media channels. The rude interference of the announcers is actually too strange for words. Critical and enthusiastic exhibitors aren’t really wanted at the table in Op1. They would rather have someone who works strictly according to Hilversum’s vision – someone who treats certain parties with velvet gauntlets, and treats others mercilessly.

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that NPO It was a good institution, everyone knows that now. But these kinds of practices are completely meaningless. Muusse had to be turned into a kind of puppet so that broadcasters could decide what she could and could not do. The promised cleaning may now take place at Hilversum. Because things like this are not acceptable.

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