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Cardano (ADA) smart contracts komen eraan, Ripple (XRP) moet data overhandigen en meer nieuws!

A week passed and a lot happened again in cryptoland. That is why we have included the most important news in this article. to get started Cardano (ADA). This project came with big news on Friday!

Cardano Smart Contracts (ADA) Really Coming!

Cardano, the project founded by Charles Hoskinson who is also one of the Ethereum (ETH) The founders are about to take a big step. The Alonzo update, which will bring smart contracts to Cardano, will be released next month. Read in this column the exact history and possible consequences of growing Cardano.

The biggest DeFi hack ever has a happy ending

At the beginning of this week, the news came That $611 million was stolen by a hacker Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Polynetwork platform. Poly network is a cross chain The protocol links large blockchain networks for DeFi functionality.

Fortunately, the story got a nice twist. The hacker had already indicated that he wanted everything back. will bewhite hat hacker Being an ethical hacker exposes problems. Half a million dollars bounty rejects hacker. Meanwhile, all stolen cryptocurrency They were returned.

Harmful law passed in the United States

The story that got a less beautiful tail was the one about Infrastructure bill in the United States of America. This could cause problems for crypto companies in this country because they have to meet new and impossible tax requirements. This law remains without easing the amendments this week Approved by the Senate. However, the cryptocurrency sector still has some time to press hard. The House has yet to pass the law.

Ripple (XRP) Must Hand Over More Communications Data in Lawsuit

In the lawsuit between Ripple (XRP) The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has once again taken a beating. For example, the SEC now wants to see more contact data because Ripple wasn’t going to provide everything. There must be a million more messages on the surface The Securities and Exchange Commission can help take down Ripple.

Macy’s, Coinbase at Intel

There was, of course, more news. For example, Ethereum contains Bitcoin trapped On Coinbase, Number of Crypto Investment Trades in 2021 Already double the year 2020 And Lionel Messi receives a Part of his reward is in encryption. Finally, Intel also announced Coinbase private equity. In short, it has been another week with many interesting developments!

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