OnePlus Nord 2 Review – Introduction

OnePlus Nord 2 Review - Introduction


The OnePlus Nord offers a lot of good, especially for its price. It has a great screen, good performance, great software, fast fingerprint scanner, and loads very fast. You also get a fairly large amount of storage and especially working memory for the cost. The primary camera makes a mistake sometimes, but overall it’s very good for its price range. What’s less nice is that HDR mode sometimes gives weird results. Competitors have also surpassed OnePlus in the area of ​​software support, and these same competitors sometimes have a degree of water resistance.


  • quick meeting
  • 65W- Snyladen
  • Smooth and customizable program
  • Good basic camera
  • fast fingerprint scanner


  • There is no IP certificate
  • Moderate HDR
  • Many competitors offer longer support

OnePlus has grown as a brand because of Pioneer in a killing. However, with the passage of time, the brand’s devices have become more expensive and more ferocious against those leading companies that initially fought them off by offering great value for money. Although the first attempt at the middle class market failed in 2015 on its own idea with the OnePlus X, the manufacturer dared to bring a middle class to the market last year: OnePlus Nord.

Soc’s cutting edge is now less decisive for a smooth and enjoyable smartphone experience than it was back then. De Nord confirmed it last year, along with the Google Pixel 4a and Samsung Galaxy A51, among others. Of course you sacrifice in different areas compared to a high-end smartphone, but this happens in aspects that the average consumer does not attach much importance to. Even the quality of the camera is becoming more and more acceptable to most people; It was something I gave up a lot.

However, with last year’s Nord, that camera was the clearest difference with the high-end OnePlus device. So we’re curious about how Nord 2 performs in this area. It has a new primary camera with a larger sensor and more pixels. Stereo speakers are also built in and have a larger battery capacity, faster SOC and support for at least 65W fast charging.

All this looks promising. In this review, you can read whether Nord 2 is actually vying for the title of “2021 Flagship Killer”.

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