Intel introduces the Meteor Lake processor for the first time

Intel gave a select group of journalists, including Tweakers, the first demonstration of the Meteor Lake processor. These processors will be available for laptops later this year and will include a neural processing unit, which Intel has shown in action in a pre-production laptop.

Introducing the Intel Meteor Lake processor

The operation of the Meteor Lake chip and specifically the npu was demonstrated in the generative AI software Stable Diffusion, which showed images created directly in GIMP via a plug-in. Using a two-line vector and a negative vector, it took twenty seconds to create a 512 x 512 pixel image. According to the chipset manufacturer, if the software is only using the CPU and GPU, it will take ‘much longer’ and it will also consume more power.

The embedded npu uses another developed technology from Movidius, which was acquired by Intel in 2016. In 2017, the AI ​​accelerator with this technology became available as an expansion module in USB stick format. The npu will be compatible with Onnx, DirectML, W3C WNN and OpenVino standards. According to Intel, the npu is particularly suitable for long-term AI workloads. For short-running tasks, the CPU will still be the processor of choice; For AI applications in media or pipelines, it remains the graphics processing unit (gpu). Enable npu also fetch something response time with him. For a small task, this doesn’t outweigh the extra computing power.

Ahead of the demo, which was held in Taipei on the eve of the Computex trade show, Intel confirmed that Meteor Lake and its successor, Arrow Lake, tiles, or chiplets are present. Some of these boxes are produced by Intel itself. npu is part of the SoC tile. However, GPU tiles, among other things, are produced by TSMC. An Intel spokesperson confirmed to Tweakers that the GPU board is comparable to a lower-end GPU. This is probably the A380 with 128 implementation unitsalthough the igpu version will obviously be a bit slower due to the lower clock speeds.

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While Intel won’t confirm the rest of the processor specs shown, it’s likely to be a chip with six P cores, eight electronic cores, and an additional electronic core that isn’t part of the computing produced on an ‘Intel 4’ tile, but in a SoC tile just like an npu. These cores according to reliable rumors More economical than normal electronic cores and will remain active when the system is on Standby mode is online Situations. This will allow the compute box itself to be completely deactivated in sleep mode to save power.

Intel has refused to say anything about Meteor Lake processors for desktop PCs, which according to recent rumors have largely been canceled. The company also did not want to say anything about questions regarding a possible rebranding to “Core Ultra”. And he promises to provide more clarity on the latter in the coming months, before Meteor Lake is brought to market.

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