Staying one and a half meters and masks mandatory in high school | interior

Staying one and a half meters and masks mandatory in high school |  interior

According to the outgoing Cabinet, these corona measures remain necessary because a large portion of adolescents are not yet fully vaccinated. According to GGD, 41 percent of young adults have had their first injection. For this reason, trusses cannot be fully launched in secondary schools.

self test

In addition to mouth coverings and one and a half meters, self-exams will also still be present in schools. Source and contact investigations in the case of coronavirus infection will also be tightened. The risk-oriented test, which has been done preventively in some schools to see if asymptomatic children still have coronavirus, will be removed.

Sources tell De Telegraaf that there is a lot of debate within the OMT about whether the measures can be abandoned in secondary education altogether. Some members of the OMT believed this was possible, in part because of the psychological harm that would be done to children if they were unable to attend school. The Cabinet also initially wanted to cancel all measures, but after consulting with members of the OMT and the education field, it will go back to that.

It is not yet clear what compliance with the Corona rules will mean for the continuity of education. Before the summer holidays, students can come to class in smaller groups due to strict distance rules. As a result, a significant portion of teens were still receiving primarily distance education. This will likely remain the case at the start of the new school year.

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