This is the full cast of Passion 2023 | Displays

This is the full cast of Passion 2023 |  Displays

Pupils’ names Passion 2023 it’s known. Among other things inside outFronted by Theo Bert Putt, actresses Annette Barlow and Lake Hamink, Olympic skier Michelle Mulder, influencer and actor Xavier Mulligan appear during the Easter event which will be broadcast live from Harlingen on NPO 1 on Thursday 6 April.

According to KRO-NCRV, the diverse cast ensures that the story the desire “Making it accessible to all – young or old, religious or not.” In addition to Pot, Barlo, Hammink, Mulder, Molijn, Emma Decker, Ayşegül Karaca, Boaz Roelevink and Ilse Heus will appear on the show. Disciple roles are also central to the sequel to The Easter Story during The rise of passion.

It was previously announced that Sinan Eroglu (Jesus), Marilyn Werdenburg (Maria), Buddy Vader (Judas), Verdi Stoffmel (Peter), Bertre Werenga (Maria Magdalena), Dragan Bakima (Pilate) and Anita Wetzier (Reporter) will star. Roles in KRO-NCRV’s Easter Musical event on Maundy Thursday.

Welcomed after three copies without an audience the desire This year also people during Easter. In addition, there is a procession around the famous large illuminated cross through Harlingen. Registration for the parade began on Wednesday morning, February 22nd via Cross stand can also score across the site.

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