They confiscated a family truck on the Monterrey-Laredo highway

Attacks on the Monterrey-Laredo Highway are on the rise, condemning families (Photos: Screenshot Twitter / ஸ்டpostamax)

Crime continues to rise in the north of the country, this time The Regimenton families condemned the damage to their vehicles through social networks On the highway where Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas meet.

I was able to see how through a video There was a family in the middle of the Monterrey-Laredo highway A trailer driver approaches to help them because he is stunned. The family claimed to have been assaulted and the perpetrators took away their truck Tacoma 2018 Color Chris.

According to information circulating on the networks, The events were recorded last Wednesday, June 23 at 5 p.m. In the municipality Salinas Victoria In Nuevo Lyon, at altitude Normal slope.

They arrived after a report of theft Elements of the National Guard Who They noticed the facts To carry out relevant investigations.

This is not the first attack or violence in the area. Users on social networks have shown their fear and concern as crime has increased across the state, But mainly in the border areas of Tamaulipas State.

Attacks on the highway to Laredo here in Nuevo Lyon are also daily newsPreviously, they took place in the Tamaulipas area, but now it is also happening at Mumulik Heights, ”wrote a user from Montreal.

The situation has become very difficult, Governor Jaime Rodriguez Calderon advised citizens not to go to Laredo Due to unsafe conditions. “Our idea is to take care of our people and This is a suggestion we should avoid at this point, until we see that everything is quiet in this matter“, He pointed out.

Jaime Rodriguez Calderon "Bronco" Citizens are advised not to travel by road to Laredo (photo: Quartoscoro)
Jaime Rodriguez Calderon “El Bronco” advised citizens not to travel by road to Laredo (Photo: Quartoscoro)

Wednesday June 23 Governor of Nuevo Leon, Rodriguez Calderon, gave a press conference Compulsory missing cases They were recorded on the same highway where the van was stolen.

“Yes, what is happening in the rhinoceros is public and, well, Recommend to the people of Nuevo Leon that their return should be avoided unless it is urgent, They wait until everything is quiet, there are those who have to travel for work, first they will find what our Secretary of Defense is looking for, “he contacted”The Bronco “.

As mentioned His government and the government of Tamaulipas are already in control of the situation; However, it advised not to travel on the highway until the situation of violence subsided (in many cases)It is a matter of struggle between cartels”.

Disappearances are on the rise in the state (photo: special).
Disappearances are on the rise in the state (photo: special).

He also mentioned that Elements of the National Guard and the military are already conducting joint operations In the zone. Deployment of security components is important, then The disappearance of a family of American descent When he went to the municipality of Sabinas Hidalgo.

“I have been talking to the governor (Tamaulipas) permanently,” he saidOur idea is to take care of our people This is a piece of advice that we should avoid at this point until we see that everything in Rhinosa is quiet in this matter, ”he assured.

According to the body United Forces Missing Persons in Nuevo Lyon (Funden), On the road between two northern companies About 57 people are missing Since last March The Attorney General’s Office only counted 28.

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