Lukashenko ready to use martial law in Belarus in response to EU sanctions

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko (photo: REUTERS / file photo)
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko (photo: REUTERS / file photo)

President of Belarus, Earlier in the day, Alexander Lukashenko announced on Thursday that he was ready to introduce martial law in Belarus. EU (EU) sanctions on former Soviet republican economy.

“Should not be There is no (economic) decline in any company. We will use martial law if necessary. ”The president said this during a visit to the Crotno region in light of the potential economic consequences of sectoral sanctions.

According to Lukashenko, He urged the Belarusian economy not to be affected by EU restrictions, so to find new ways to diversify the economy..

“We have to show these traitors on the other side of the border Its barriers speak to its inability. We will “He said, according to the official agency Felda.

Lukashenko, during a public event (Photo: Europa Press)
Lukashenko, during a public event (Photo: Europa Press)

Despite Lukashenko’s words, Vadim Ayosab, an Albari-Eurasian economist and senior researcher, says the sanctions will hit Belarus. “Of course That would be painful. The power of the blow depends on the detailsHe told the agency EFE.

Major sectors of the Belarusian economy came under sanctions. Employees of certain companies will feel your influence as soon as they receive their next paycheck. The entire population of Belarus will feel the effects of the sanctions in the next quarter, ”said Joseph.

Council European Union (EU) Imposed sanctions on Belarus on Thursday In the face of increasing human rights violations and repression Violence in civil society, anti-democracy and the press.

Sanctions A Ryanair plane made a forced landing in Minsk last month to arrest journalist Roman Protassevich And his companion, include Restricting the trade of products used in the production of petroleum products, potash and tobacco products.

Newly selected sanctions are marked Prohibit the sale, supply, exchange or export of anyone directly or indirectly in Belarus, Equipment, technology or software that can be used primarily to monitor or intercept communications over the Internet or by telephone.

I know too Veto dual-use products and technologies For military purposes for specific persons, companies or bodies in Belarus.

On the other hand, The country’s access to EU capital markets is restrictedAs well as providing insurance and reinsurance to the Belarusian government and public organizations and companies.

Opposition blogger and activist Roman Protashevich (Photo: REUTERS / Stringer / File Photo)
Opposition blogger and activist Roman Protashevich (Photo: REUTERS / Stringer / File Photo)

Finally, the European Investment Bank (EIP) will suspend any loans or payments under existing agreements regarding public sector projects, Or any technical support service agreement.

Joseph mentioned The strength of the blow to the Belarusian economy also depends on whether the UK and Ukraine refuse to buy oil products. What restrictions will be imposed on the manufacturers of potash fertilizers.

I confirm it If it is an export embargo, Belarus, one of Belarus’ leading companies, will lose about 8% of its foreign sales.

If a Banning the conversion of potash fertilizers by the EU would be a very severe blow to the company and the economy as a whole, Because most of the Belarusian fertilizers are transported through the Lithuanian port.

“They are very serious sanctions. Europe has never had such sanctions. “, he said.

(With information from EFE)

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