50% additional diffusion types of Govit-19


Once confirmed that there are new variations Govit-19 in Honduras, Officials Health Ask people to strengthen actions Survival.

Yesterday, surveillance unit officials Secretary of Health Confirmed the three types of concern and one of interest in the area. One of them, Alpha, has been in the country since April.

With a statement, Health “The results of the samples sent to the Gorcas Institute in Panama confirm the existence of a variant of the anxiety alpha, also known as a variant of anxiety that arose in the United Kingdom.”

To know

To determine for sure how many of the new species already in circulation in the country have been affected, a molecular epidemiological study should be carried out; However, Una virologist Wendy Murillo said this was almost impossible due to lack of resources and equipment.

Except National Laboratory of Virology It was confirmed by experimental samples that beta and gamma species also spread over the landmass found in South Africa and Brazil, respectively; All three types are considered concerned World Health Organization (WHO) Due to their high prevalence.

Similarly, samples sent to Panama identify a variance of interest that is considered to be of interest because it is considered important in Mexico and is currently under surveillance to determine whether it is a variance of interest.

Although Secretary of Health Confirming the variation in circulation yesterday, doctors in the country revealed that there have been new variations in the region due to the increase in infections over the months, not only from endangered groups, but also from youth and children without underlying diseases and other groups.


The common denominator of the three types is their high prevalence. Head of Virology National Autonomous University of Honduras (Change), Wendy Murillo, said that the variants may have a spread of 50 or 60% more than the original virus. Wuhan, China, A person can be affected by three more, and new mutations can affect up to six or seven people.

Each of the three types already in circulation in the area has its own characteristics. The alpha variant was discovered in the United Kingdom in September last year, which is characterized by high prevalence and an increase in the severity of the disease. It has already been found in more than 80 countries.

Beta It was discovered in South Africa in May 2020 and the effects are very similar to alpha, with a high prevalence, although the severity and mortality of the disease have not been determined. Blood tests show that it can affect people who are recovering Govit-19 And for people who have been vaccinated against the disease.

Gamma It also has a high prevalence, which was discovered in Brazil in November; Blood tests show that it can escape from natural and induced immune responses Vaccine.

While this is true, the virologist said that all three types show reduced effectiveness of anticoagulant vaccines, “reports suggest that vaccines respond best to these types.”

Henry Antino, Consultant Secretary of Health, Said during the conference where the variations were confirmed, the vaccines used in the country have a good response to these types. “Those who are vaccinated for 14 days after application have protection for up to three months, which guarantees that they will not develop moderate to severe illness or death,” he explained.

Despite the vaccine’s response to these types, experts recommend speeding it up Vaccine To get more dose, the first dose is complete in the recipient Viral infection.

“We need to reconsider the vaccine. With the already limited variants, the only thing left at this time is to vaccinate people in the short term with two doses, because it is already clear that these new types of vaccines reduce the effectiveness of even two doses. Let alone a dose that is unsafe for people to resist these mutations” Omar said in the video.

Delta variant

Report of Health Indicates that the delta variant has not been identified to date Honduras It also says that the Ministry of Health will continue to send as part of genetic monitoring

Models for reference labs WHO In the region to search for types of Govit-19 It may arise. Since medical and epidemiological data do not rule out the possibility that this variant may be present in the country, physicians are asking health to send the latest samples to determine if the delta variant is already circulating in the area.

Carla Bowen, Chairman Health Monitoring Division, Said the strategy was to protect people against newcomers Types Use of the mask, hand washing and maintaining physical distance. If people do not take the necessary measures to avoid being infected with the virus, an increase in cases is expected due to the circulation of three new types, so they call for serious preventive measures.

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