‘We want to turn a Cancun into a Dios in Gracias’: Deputy Oscar Najera

Colon, Honduras.

Oscar Najera, Honduran Department Deputy Colon (National Party) said he felt “Satisfaction“For creation Foreign investment projects in the Colon and Gracious A Dios region. The congressman explained that traders from the United Arab Emirates would invest about $ 1 billion in tourism and agricultural projects in the region.

“I especially It is satisfying to see these types of projects In my field (colon), because it brings in large economic investments already working in developed countries. I am satisfied; Not for me, but for my people, “he explained Nazra, In a video aired on social networks.

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Nazera met with investors Middle East According to his explanation, he is interested in investing in the region and the sector Thank God (Honduran mosquito).

The legislator has taken a seat National Congress Since 1990. It has become a fortress National Party Colonel and his controversial statements are generally overlooked. Nazera was UK noted For involving him in acts of corruption.

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His name also appeared List of United States Refers to officers who received money from the state illegally. Nazera rejected the allegations, saying they were unsubstantiated.

Meanwhile, Nazareth extended his statement on Jeet: “We want to do cancan here because we thank God. They are on the same level in Rotan, Guanaja and Utila. They are communities inhabited by Hondurans. The important thing is to have a project vision. ”

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International traders will invest in energy and agriculture, as described by Nazra. “They are big economic investments,” says the deputy. He elaborated that he would meet a technical committee to address aspects related to the land concession.

Approved by the National Congress eMay 24 Reforms in the Employment and Economic Development Zones (GEZ) Act. Thus, tax breaks were granted in the regions, strategically extending to housing and tourist complexes throughout the Honduran region. The controversial Model Cities project has generated protests from people in various parts of the country. However, the government has insisted that the project be carried out as established in recent years.

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