There’s some air ahead of the stock exchange, but for a lot of tech, is it really too late?

Er is even lucht voorbeurs, maar voor veel tech komt het al te laat?

AEX is +0.4% after another hit on Wall Street (especially technology). It’s a downside these days interest, inflation, supply chain, geopolitics and economics seem to be very good things. Much more than that, a lot of American technology has been completely destroyed. such as 2000-2003.

A modest recovery now, but with such a sky-high volatility it could shift dramatically every minute. Well, the AEX is now officially in a bear market since November 18 last year and this is from below.

current affairs:

  • European futures now recover 0.4% to 0.9% of all losses
  • US up 0.5% to 1.1% (technology)
  • In Asia, China rose 1%, Hang Seng fell -1.9%, Nikkei 225 and Kospi fell by half. Tencent stands -2.0% in Hong Kong
  • Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) closed +15.1% at 34.8
  • assembly stopped? The dollar fell 0.2% to 1.058
  • German 10-year bond yields are 1 basis point at 1.10% and the US is also 1 at 3.15%
  • Gold + 0.5%, Oil -0.4%, Bitcoin + 2.5%, Ethereum + 4.6%

First of all, don’t panic and cheer up guys. This is the near future for the NASDAQ 100 mini since last week’s Fed rate decision. Look, right on the dive… 🙂

No Dutch company reports for the first quarter of the day, but in the online gym in the US there are peloton numbers. One of the stocks that may symbolize the technological boom and bust since Covid-19. What flew, must go under…the fund is now lower than it was before the rise began, you see. And big too.

It is expected to have a loss per share of $0.83 on revenue of $973 million. Well, loser farmers are not very popular on earth with all those economic, interest and inflation issues. Economic inflation?

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Another gloomy character has already appeared earlier this morning: our Christine Price Index (CPI) for the month of April. Yes, inflation is declining: to 9.6% in April from 9.7% year-on-year in March, but that’s it.

Inflation kills many money losers. This is Catie Wood’s Ark Innovation ETF, which, like Peleton, is almost back to square one.

A little later, the SPDR US Dividend Aristocrats (ETF) is still at an all-time high this year. Most defensive stocks. What a world of difference. As you can see with us too, value stocks outperform technology, growth, and cyclicality. Yes, the show’s playtime is over. Investments and calculations must be made again.

Any last minute Dutch news? very fast. This is not good either. These ratios look like something.

News, short tips and agenda

The most important ABM Financial news since the Amsterdam closed yesterday. Ease2Pay and Rabobank Report Themselves, Groupon gained -13.7% Preparationbut AMC + 2.6% compared to Poetry

  • 07:54 Increased business volume at Bayer
  • 07:53 AEX apartment planned opening
  • 07:43 Fastned issues new bonds
  • 07:13 Ease2pay and Rabobank jointly introduce a car parking app
  • 07:13 WDP withdraws optional dividend
  • 07:06 European shares opened slightly higher
  • 07:03 Production in Dutch industry rises by more than 7 percent
  • 07:01 Dutch inflation remains at around 10%
  • May 09, AMC Cinema Series performance is above expectations
  • May 09 Groupon . red numbers
  • May 09 dark red trading day Wall Street
  • May 09 Inventory Update: AEX on Wall Street
  • May 09 Fagron shareholders approve all agenda items
  • May 09, a sharp drop in oil prices
  • May 09 Wall Street is the lowest
  • May 09, European stocks steadily on a secondary level
  • May 09 PostNL hits hard in the burgundy red
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AFM reports this shorts

The calendar with Philips, it probably won’t be very interesting there… The ZEW confidence index is the number one for May.

  • 00:00 Philips Ordinary General Assembly Meeting
  • 08:00 Agfa Gevert Q1 numbers
  • 09:00 KBC listed without profits
  • 11:00 German ZEW Economic Sentiment May -48.0
  • 13:00 Platoon numbers Q1
  • 14:00 DSM General Assembly Meeting

then this

very big sale:

Yes interest, inflation, confidence and now the economy itself.

supply chain:

CBS itself:

More from CBS:

What is the price?

Fortunately, it still has a fee of 0.75%:


Oh yeah, Chinese real estate. He is also…

Technology vs. Value for that:

Enjoy and good luck today.

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