“There is a lot going on around Marco Borsato”

Emma Heesters

Emma Hester is totally Jack. Everywhere the singer appears, she is asked about her collaboration with Marco Borsato, who does not want to respond to all the fierce rumors about him.

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Emma Hester clearly had no idea what rumors were swirling around Marco Borsato when she was last week on RTL Boulevard. I showed They were in the studio together for one song. Then there was a lot of fuss about: Does Emma know what’s going on right now? Is it useful to associate with Marco now?

very hot joke

About the cooperation between Emma and Marco is a very hot joke Presented by VPRO presenter Tim den Besten. Everywhere the singer goes now, she is asked about her collaboration with Marco. And, of course, she’s not waiting for it: Marco is accused of abusive behavior with girls between the ages of 13 and 15.

Two days ago, Emma participated in the talk show Time for MAX Or just her nose was bleeding When asked by Lieutenant Colonel Sibrand Nessen about Marco. But now Emma admits to Radio 538 that she had already reported these rumors.

Bickering about Marco

Emma on Frank Dane Morning Show: “We scored something, but no plans yet. I saw you were there too (on Boulevard, editor)! Love it What did you say. I hope he’s happy if he can do something with me.”

Frank: “What do you think of the fuss about Marco Borsato?”

Emma: “Yeah, nothing really. The song we recorded is really beautiful, so I’m curious if it ever comes out.”

“So much about Marco”

Frank: “Why don’t you release him?”

Emma: Yes, I don’t know. We need to take a look now. Of course there is a lot about Marco, right? I don’t follow it all, but yeah…”

Frank: “Is he himself saying, ‘Let’s wait until he calms down again?'”

Emma: “No, not really.”

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