March 23, 2023

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Foto: Koen Verheijden/ANP.

Director of Bernhoven Hospital in financial bad weather leaves

Bernhoven Hospital in Uden is struggling financially. This is the reason why director Geert van den Eenden resigned after seven years. Van den Enden started in 2014 as a financial manager, and under his leadership the hospital has had financial problems lately. That’s what Bert Pauly, chair of the hospital’s supervisory board, says: “You can’t last long if costs go up more than sales.”

Pauli stresses that the decision was made in good consultation. “Gert has built the hospital in recent years, we are very grateful to him for that and will continue to involve him in hospital affairs.” According to Pauli, van den Enden agrees that this “new phase” requires a different kind of leadership.

winter bar
According to Pauli, after the seven-year construction phase, “repairs” must now be made. “We have to get through a tough winter financially and then be financially healthy.”

He notes that many hospitals are struggling financially, but that this is “a little faster” at Bernhoven hospital because of the way they work. “Our strategy is that we only provide the necessary care that really improves the quality of life. Then staff turnover decreases, because you will only be compensated for the care you provide.”

no blame
However, this is not Van den Enden’s fault: “The quality of care has never been under pressure, but we have to arrange a number of things more financially. Geert acknowledges that too.” Pauli cannot quantify the exact extent of the hospital’s financial problems. It indicates that it is the indirect costs that have mainly increased, i.e. costs which are not directly incurred at the bedside but in the organisation.

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Hans Finstra will soon begin the position of interim director. His most important task: working on a “financially sustainable business model” for Bernhoven Hospital.

Foglins-Pauli, Bond settlement does not play a role in the financial problems. Employees, residents of the area and companies can invest in the hospital. The scheme is a “great success”, but unfortunately the funds cannot be used for the current problems. It is now used to repay bank loans.

Corona video
Last March, with the onset of the Corona pandemic, van den Enden became known after a special video message to his employees:

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