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Google Pixel users who have the Microsoft Teams app installed but aren’t signed in may not be able to access the US emergency number in some cases. Google confirms this after user experience. Google is working on a solution.

Reddit user KitchenPicture5849 Books on Google Pixel subreddit How he apparently saw his grandmother having a stroke. Then he tried calling 911 from his Pixel 3, but it didn’t work.

“My device stopped after the line rang once. I was only able to browse the apps while the call was still ringing in the background,” she said. “My phone said my location had been redirected to emergency services, but I couldn’t hear anyone and tell anyone what was going on.”

KitchenPicture5849 later tried to reproduce the error and succeeded. “I called emergency services for five minutes, but got no answer. My outgoing call to emergency services was also missing from my call list,” the user said.

Google responded ten days later. The American company suspects The problem occurs on a “small number of devices” that have the Microsoft Teams app installed on their phones and where users are not signed in to the Microsoft Teams service. It is not clear if this bug affects only Pixel devices or also affects Android smartphones from other manufacturers. It is also not known if the error also occurs in other countries.

Google believes that the problem is caused by an “unintended interaction” between the Teams app and the Android operating system. “Because this bug affects the execution of emergency calls, the issue is a priority for us and Microsoft,” the statement said. “Android users are recommended to install future app updates as soon as possible. An update will be released in the Android ecosystem on January 4th to fix this bug.”

Google also comes with workarounds. All users who have the Microsoft Teams app installed and are running Android 10, or later must sign in to the Teams app to get around the error. Removing and downloading the Microsoft Teams app again from the Play Store and then installing it can temporarily fix the problem. Google also recommends waiting for a new update from Microsoft Teams to resolve the issue.

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