The White House confirms Zelensky’s visit to the US

The White House confirms Zelensky's visit to the US

NATO found no deliberate attack in the remains of a Russian drone that landed on Romanian and NATO territory. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says the Western military alliance has no signs of this.

Wreckage of a Russian drone has been found on the Romanian bank of the Danube River, bordering Ukraine. He reportedly targeted the Ukrainian city on the other side. Romania, a NATO member, informed thirty other member states.

NATO is still awaiting the outcome of an investigation into the incident. But “we have no information indicating a planned attack by Russia,” Stoltenberg said on a visit to the European Parliament.

If a NATO member state is attacked, it can invoke the treaty’s crucial Article 5. It states that an attack on one member state is considered an attack on all allies.

“The Ukrainians managed to break through the defense lines of the Russian armed forces,” Stoltenberg said. “They are gradually gaining ground” with their counter-attack, he assures. Even if it involves “hard, hard battles.”

The Norwegian Secretary-General was not overly concerned with complaints about the difficult and slow progress of the counter-offensive. Ukraine “may not be recaptured as much as we hoped,” but that’s understandable. He believes Ukraine has more mines on the battlefield than anywhere else. “So it was clear that it was going to be very difficult.”

Also, Ukrainians themselves decide the best strategy to liberate their country. Allies can advise them, but commanders in the cave and in the field must make the decisions. And “the fact is, they repeatedly exceed our expectations.” (AP)

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