Miss Nisreen has already lost 32 of her students in an earthquake in Morocco

Miss Nisreen has already lost 32 of her students in an earthquake in Morocco

Nisreen taught Arabic and French lessons to children between the ages of 6 and 12 in the mountain village of Al-Adsil. Asdail is located in the severely affected area south of Marrakesh.

She was in class five hours before the devastating earthquake struck. The teacher herself was in Marrakesh when the ground began to shake at night. All the children in her class were at home in the school village and did not survive.

After the earthquake, the teacher immediately went to the badly damaged village. “Where is Sumaya? And Youssef?” Whatever name she gave, after a few hours, it turned out that none of the children were alive.

against the BBC Nisreen tells how the body of her favorite student, Khadija, was found next to the body of Khadija’s brother, Muhammad, and her sisters, Mina and Hanan. They were all in bed during the earthquake.


The teacher says about the deceased girl, Khadija: “She was very kind and intelligent. She loved to sing. She would come to my house sometimes. I loved studying and talking to her.”

Angels. This is what Nisreen calls her 32 students. Although the families were suffering from poverty, she felt that school was “the most important thing in the world.”

The teacher says: “I’m not sleeping, I’m in shock.” “People consider me lucky, but I don’t know how I will continue to live.”

She hopes that her school, which was severely damaged, will be rebuilt. “Then we can tell the story of those 32 students over there.”

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