Patrick Kieckin: Eddie Corr was actually the first choice to succeed Rob van Someren at Radio 10

Patrick Keiken: Top 40 returns at 538 on Friday for Quinn and Sander

[BLOG] Nobody gets it. Nobody understands that. How could they relegate Radio 10’s Somerjed to the weekend? Humiliating in the eyes of many. But the appointment of Jes Stafferman as his successor is also full of question marks, not least here at Spreekbuis. A very different radio producer who mainly speaks with pictures together and is not known as an intelligent or interesting storyteller. We’re missing a piece of the puzzle, and Talpa Radio’s head, Dave Minipopo, should realize that too, right? correct. That’s why he spoke for the first time with someone else about Van Someren’s successor: Eddy Corr, now the star of NPO Radio 2. I had already suspected it, but now it has been confirmed from different directions.

It turned out to be hard to believe when I first wrote it here a month ago: Staverman is going to Radio 10 to replace Van Someren. But this scenario has been playing out for some time: my 10-year-old insider told me they first spoke to that humorous former Radio 10 deejay who, since replacing Rod de Wylde during his illness, has put himself back on the map: Eddie Mark . Along with Evers and Van Someren, he’s almost the only one who has a fan base, has a sense of humor and can also have a nice phone conversation with the listener: think about that back in 2024. So to speak, Cure can do everything he can’t Staverman almost did, so it makes sense they talked to him first about switching to 10 p.m.

Stories vary as to why Keur didn’t do it in the end: one says it was because Eddy wanted to do the show not for five days but four, and the other says he only wanted to do the show for two hours instead of three. I think it really has to do with business pressures: Eddie turned 65 this year, but I also think it makes sense for another reason: he’s now with the market leader. The bigger the reach, the bigger the audience. At 65 years old, you wouldn’t be sitting at a station that could only be received in 65% of the Netherlands, would you? Since the frequency is switched, JOE can be received better than 10 and this is also reflected in the listening figures. NPO Radio 2 can be received on FM as far away as Denmark.

How does Staverman feel when he knows he’s the second choice? It will hurt him in the proverb behind him. He will soon be doing TV for Talpa again, reportedly Battle of the Bands, which is currently hosted by Gerard Ekdom. I heard he barely earned a hundred euros a year at NPO Radio 2, and that’s probably double that now, including his TV work. He had been nominated to replace him at age two for years, so he could send Keur a big bouquet of flowers to thank him. It’s a shame for the listener: with Eddie Corr it would have been fun again in the afternoon at ten, and it would have been a nice hit for NPO Radio 2, even more so than now. Within a week you’ll hear a few R2 listeners saying “Where’s Staverman anyway?” Whereas that would have been different with the removal of Core. So be it, who knew they could pair Staverman with a cute friend who could be so smart. Cobus Bucha met with Edwin Evers on Friday at 538, is he still free from Monday to Thursday?

Patrick Kikin

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