The Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins will miss the last two games of the regular season

The Warriors' Andrew Wiggins will miss the last two games of the regular season

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SAN FRANCISCO — Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins will not play in the team’s last two regular season games, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr told “Willard & Dibs” Wednesday.

Wiggins returned to the team on Tuesday after a 51-day absence due to a family matter that caused him to miss 23 games.

“He’s going to keep working and he’s going to work very quickly,” Kerr told hosts Mark Willard and Dan Dibley.

Golden State rounds out the season at the Sacramento Kings on Friday and at the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday in two crucial games for their hopes of staying out of the tournament and securing the top six seed in the Western Conference.

If the Warriors can avoid playing, he will give Wiggins another week to restore his conditioning before the first postseason game.

Wiggins has not played since February 13. He works with a coach during his time away from the team but must be cleared by the Warriors coaching staff before returning to play.

On Tuesday, Wiggins worked with Warriors sports medicine director Rick Celebrini — who will give Wiggins the go-ahead to play in a game — and work on the field with assistant coach Gama Mahlalela.

Wiggins also clashed with youth players and staff on Wednesday.

“Full court, 5v5. It looked good,” Kerr said. “…he hasn’t played in a couple of months and he’s out there running around looking good. He still has to stack up a number of days like that before he’s ready to go out and play in an NBA game. We can’t put him in a bad spot, health-wise.” We have to make sure we build it up, get his strength and conditioning in place well before we put him out there.”

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