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Python logo (75px) Python is an object-oriented programming language that can be used to develop simple to complex multi-platform applications. It was designed in the 1990s by Guido van Rossum, who worked on it in Amsterdam at the time CWI a job. Guido was like BDFL Involved in the development of Python. He also worked at Dropbox, then retired and when he didn’t really like it, he started working at Microsoft. Updates have now been released for Python 3.10 and 3.11, and the latest alpha version of version 3.12, all of which address a range of bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Python 3.12.0 alpha 7

The latest alpha release of Python 3.12! The next release will be beta 1, which is also a feature freeze. Last chance to get new features and API changes to 3.12! See release notes.

246 new commits since 3.12.0a6.

Python 3.11.3

More bug fixes and security fixes for the best version of Python (so far). See release notes.

167 new commits since 3.11.2

Python 3.10.11

The last normal release to fix bugs in Python 3.10! It is now entering security-only repair mode. It also means that this is the last version we’ll be shipping Windows and macOS installers for. If you depend on these binary versions, it’s time to upgrade to Python 3.11. See release notes.

121 new commits since 3.10.10.


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