June 7, 2023

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The United States wants to take Haitians home under the Texas Bridge

The United States wants to take Haitians home under the Texas Bridge

The US government wants to expedite the expulsion of a large group of immigrants gathered under a bridge in Texas. Starting tomorrow, they must be flown back to their home countries. It mainly concerns Haitians, but there are also people from South America.

In recent days, a large group of immigrants flooded the village of Del Rio, Texas. Because the city can’t handle large crowds, about 12,000 people camp under a bridge over the Rio Grande River. Conditions are appalling: it is hot, sanitation is scarce and migrants have to arrange water and food themselves.

About 400 officials have now been sent to the bridge to deal with the crowds. About 2,000 people have already been transferred to refugee camps. The Department of Homeland Security said it wants the speedy deportation of people who are not allowed to remain in the United States.

“Our borders are not open,” a spokesman confirmed. “People should not make this dangerous journey.”

Priming effect

Human rights lawyers are critical of the expedited procedure. It will be impossible for people to apply for asylum. Haiti was hit by a severe earthquake and hurricane last month, and political turmoil prevailed after the attempted assassination of the president. So it would be inhumane to bring people back.

The refugee crisis at the border is politically sensitive to President Biden. He criticized his predecessor Trump for his tough policies, but his own approach appears to have traction.

The number of people who can be brought back by plane also depends on the willingness of their countries of origin to take people back. It seems that no concrete agreements have been reached on this matter yet.

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