Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States are signing a security agreement to reduce China’s rise

Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States to share defense technology

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US Correspondent Lucas Walkmeister: “Strategic military partnerships between nations are not unique, but they are just another step in the trend we have seen in Asia for many years. Wants to create a barrier.

This partnership brings the UK back to the Pacific. There really isn’t a huge British presence there. And Australia is also under a lot of pressure in this power play. The country with those submarines is on the playboard, “Walkmester says. Australia is economically very dependent on China, but is now taking military-strategic sides against China.”

Correspondent China Sjord ten Das: “China has responded that this group of three countries should shake up the Cold War mentality and ideological prejudices. This is the Pavlov reaction you expect, but I do not think it will stop there. It is not a deal for a few months, but they know it is a deal for future generations. . “

People really see this The one who changes the game. The balance in the region has been severely affected. China will do all it can to protect the South China Sea. Relations with Australia are certainly deteriorating. With the exception of existing import duties, there will be a strong response from China. There will be no armed conflicts in the region, but this increases the risk of miscalculations and of course things can always go wrong. “

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