Bellator 266 Scores: Live Streaming of Play-by-Play Updates | “Davis vs. Romero”

Bellator 266 Scores: Live Streaming of Play-by-Play Updates |  "Davis vs. Romero"

Bellator 266: “Davis vs. In the combined tournament, Neiman Gracie will face Mark Lemminger in a pivotal Welterweight affair. The Bellator 266 main tag will be broadcast on Showtime at 10 PM ET. You’ll score for the full card and extensive play of the televised segment of Bellator 266 below.

Many readers check in before, during and after fights to share their thoughts on all the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 266) about spells and chat with all the other lunatics during the show – it’s always a lot of fun!

Bellator 266 Fast Result:

205 lbs: Phil Davis vs. Yoel Romero
170 lbs: Neiman Gracie vs Mark Liminger
125 lbs: Alejandra Lara vs. Diana Bennett
155 lbs: Georgy Karakhanyan against. Saul Rogers – Rogers by unanimous decision
205 lbs: Christian Edwards against. Ben Parrish – Parrish via first round KO (Highlights)
205 lbs: Grant Neal against. Alex Polizzi – Polizzi by Divided Decision
185 lbs: Khaled Murtazaliev against. Anthony Adams – Adams by unanimous decision
175 lbs: Abraham Weissau against. Albert Gonzalez-Faiso via first round knockout
135 lbs: Socrates Hernandez Against Bobby Sironio III – Sironio by unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Ralan Gracie against. Shin Kif – Kifi by unanimous decision
125 lbs: Edwin de los Santos against. John Adams – de los Santos via first round TKO
130 lbs.: Jesse Delgado against. Joshua Dillon – Delgado by unanimous decision

Bellator 266 Playing a Game

Phil Davis against. Yoel Romero

first round:

second round:

Third round:

Fourth round:

Fifth round:

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The final result:

Neiman Gracie against. Mark Liminger

first round:

second round:

Third round:

The final result:

Alejandra Lara against. Diana Bennett

First round: Lara’s straight right hand goes down, then another. Bennett goes in for removal while he is stuffed. Lara’s other hand is firm. A head kick by Bennett lands and Lara trips over the carpet but bounces back. Lara lands with her other right hand shaking Bennett. Bennett goes through the removal process and she gets it. She took Lara’s back and searched for the naked stranglehold from behind. Bennett flattens Lara and continues to hit Lara with headshots. She’s flattened Lara again and now she’s offloading her with a few bad pounds. Lara is still hanging. She drowns in the back naked suffocation but Lara runs away. Bennett once again mixes up Lara with her powerful, powerful round shots. Lara was able to get up and fire a few shots right before the round was over. 10-9 Bennett

second round:

Third round:

The final result:

Georgy Karakhanyan against. Saul Rogers

Round one: Rogers’ left hook, followed by his right hand. Double hit from Rogers. Karakhanyan binds with the right hand and then the knee in the middle. Hard kick then left hook from Rogers land. Rogers pushed Karakhanyan into the cage and then scored a takedown. Rogers peppers Karakhanyan with a few shots to the body and all Karakhanyan could do was try to defend. And that’s pretty much how the rest of the round will play out. 10-9 Rogers

Round Two: Rogers went through a quick takedown and landed it, which isn’t good for Karakhanyan, who had no answer for Rogers wrestling in the first round. Rogers takes his back, and now connects with some solid right hands. Rogers is now rubbing his opponent’s body with some powerful shots on the rib section. Karakhanyan uses quite a bit of energy to try to get Rogers off his back which makes him nothing. Rogers grabs hard and drops some heavy right hands to make Krakanyan think about it. Karakhanyan finally broke up and got back on his feet. Karakhayna puts his foot on the pedal as he unloads Rogers. One shot after another and now it’s up to the jumping knee. Karakhanyan flips it over before Rogers takes him down again. That was a close run but Rogers took it. 10-9 Rogers

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Round Three: Rogers dipped in another takedown and landed it but Karakhanyan has a guillotine choke. Eventually Rogers left her in lateral control. He stands and stands on the back of his opponent. Punched on the side of the head by Rogers. Karakhanyan finds no answer to wrestling Rogers. More headshots for Rogers to score. Fans started booing. normal thing. Karkhanyan doesn’t seem to wake up as Rogers is content with giving him the shots to win the round and fight. 10-9 Rogers

End result: Rogers defeated. Karakhanyan by unanimous decision

Christian Edwards against. Ben Barish

Round 1: One – Two Edwards followed by a front kick. Parish shoots again and cuts Edwards off with a hateful left hand and brings him down. He calmly walks towards his fallen opponent and finishes the job with several follow-up shots to overcome the annoyance in less than a minute. Wonderful!

End result: Parrish defeated. Edwards by knockout in the first round

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