‘The State Council addresses the issue of compensation plans allowance’

'The State Council addresses the issue of compensation plans allowance'

Supreme Administrative Court According to the NRC Strong criticism of the government’s approach to additional compensation for victims of the benefit case. The modus operandi is ill-considered with a high risk of errors, the State Council said in an unpublished advice seen by the newspaper.

There will be talk of a ‘mix of regulations’. As a result, “democratic legitimacy and the quality of decision-making and legislation are under severe pressure.” The State Council concluded in an advisory report last month that by consistently making promises and thus creating high expectations among victims, the recovery process had become extremely complex.

Additional groups

Earlier, the Cabinet came up with the so-called Catshuis arrangement, which means that the victims in the case are owed 30,000 euros in compensation. Meanwhile, ministries are working on a new scheme, according to the newspaper, that targets three additional target groups. Namely: children and former partners of aggrieved parents, and victims who have had problems with benefits other than childcare benefit.

Next Tuesday, ministers want to make decisions, according to the NRC, based on insiders, because hardly anything would have been compensated for this group. The pressure to work is increasing rapidly. For example, CBS reported last Tuesday that More than a thousand children of benefit victims were evicted from their homes between 2015 and 2020.


But the municipalities fear that for the upcoming scheme, just as with the Catshuis scheme, many more requests will be received than the government can handle. As a result, compensation settlement was postponed earlier this year fully fixedThe newspaper says that the municipalities will discuss compensation plans with the Council of Ministers next week.

On January 15, the Rutte III government fell over the wildcard issue. Tens of thousands of parents have been in trouble for being wrongly treated as fraudsters and forced to pay interest. A parliamentary commission of inquiry found a violation of the rule of law principles. The interim government issued additional billions to compensate the victims.

NOS op 3 made this explainer video about the disaster:

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