Stellandis and Samsung are set to build a battery factory in the United States

Stellandis and Samsung are set to build a battery factory in the United States

Stellandis is preparing for an electric future. The group has entered into an agreement with Samsung SDI, the Korean company’s battery and semiconductor division, to set up a battery factory in the United States. It should be operational by 2025.

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The ink of the fountain pens in Stellandis is now gone. This week, Stellandis announced that it is working with LG Battery factory in the United States, Now a joint venture with Samsung SDI is included. It is noteworthy that Stellandis has been working in the same area with two competing companies from South Korea. Like LG, Stellandis is building a battery factory with Samsung. Stellandis will then announce the location of the factory. The facility is expected to be operational by 2025, with an initial production capacity of 23 GWh per year. Then that number will increase to 40 GWh per year.

Stellandis is taking another step in conserving productivity for batteries. Those batteries were eventually charged to car factories in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The group expects 40 percent of its U.S. sales to be ‘electrified vehicles’ by 2030 and will invest more than $ 30 billion in electrification and software by 2025. It is not yet clear how much the new battery factories will cost. In Europe, Stellandis builds battery factories Automobile Sales CorporationA joint venture with Total. ACC wants to build battery factories in Douvrin in France and Kaiserslautern in Germany. Each of these should have a production capacity of more than 56 GWh per year.

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