Still a glimmer of hope in “Dune: Part Two”

Still a glimmer of hope in "Dune: Part Two"

coming Dune: Part Two or not? This is a question for many fans that probably won’t be answered very quickly. The first movie should first make it clear if it was successful enough. Only then will Warner Bros. push the button.

Speaking to Variety, WarnerMedia Studio CEO Anne Sarnoff responded to the position that the sequel has not yet been approved. “I will not give any breaking news today,” Sarnoff costume. “We are really happy with where we are now.”

“The story requires a sequel. The movie is so great and the story is so compelling that it wouldn’t be judged by the box office alone,” Sarnoff added. “Everything Dune means to the company, including HBO Max, will be judged.”

Sand dunes in the United States
Starting this weekend Dune from the director Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049) in the United States and China. Box office revenue and its impact on HBO Max subscriber count will determine the fate of The second part.

It is currently well received Dune About $130 million worldwide. The film was originally supposed to fetch $350-400 million at the worldwide box office, but the arrival of HBO Max changed that. This weekend, nearly $70 million will be raised. The end result of about $300-$350 million appears to be the highest achievable result.

This seems positive. Additionally, Warner Bros. Dune A new franchise expansion that will also get a spot on HBO Max with already coveted series Dune: Sisters.

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