The start of the Chicago White Sox was injured first

The start of the Chicago White Sox was injured first

Michael Kubis was limping off the hill after throwing a floor to Adolis García in the first half on Sunday at Guaranteed Rate Field.

The right-hander had a discussion with the Chicago White Sox coaching staff and returned to the hill to get ready for a warm-up. He stopped just as at the start, walked behind the hill and threw the ball to the ground in frustration.

Kopech came out with a right knee upset, an early blow for the Sox in an 8-6 12-stroke loss to the Texas Rangers in front of 31,096.

Kopech left after two-thirds of the inning, throwing only 13 throws. But the Sox team hopes to have Kopech available in about a week.

“I felt a tingling or a pinch or a pop or whatever you want to call it,” Kubisch said. “I felt like I couldn’t have it again. It seemed like it felt worse than it did. We’ll take it day in and day out, but it looks like I can be back there soon. I’m excited about the news.”

“There is some fluid in there and we will try to clean it up. … I was disappointed. I thought it was worse than it was, but I am grateful for the news.”

Kubis said he was “certainly relieved” to hear that the injury was not more serious.

“But on a day like (Sunday), bulls are already taxed,” he said. “Play one of the longest games of the whole year. It was good that something like this didn’t happen.”

Johnny Koito was among the shooters who stepped in after Kubis.

The right-hander was scheduled to start Monday in Detroit, a role that will now go to Lance Lynn. Cuito came in third for his second career relief appearance, after Rinaldo Lopez’s 1⅓ goal-free innings.

Sox club manager Tony La Russa said Quito had volunteered to participate.

That’s what I heard, said La Rosa. “Player.”

Koito, who said he threw about 45 throws in Saturday’s squaring session, allowed three runs in six runs in four strokes and one walk in five runs.

“I found out about the situation of our staff, and then I went there and told (La Rosa) that I was ready to give two or three rounds,” Cuito said through an interpreter. “It’s definitely different. I wasn’t ready for the show (Sunday). I was ready for the show (Mon). (Sunday), I was just doing things in the pool, the sauna. Just getting ready for the day (Mon). Then this happened. You just have to go.” Get there and do your best.

“I didn’t extend (Sunday). I was just here and I walked out and did what I did. I was ready to make the show (Mon). I didn’t get a chance to study them, nothing. I just went out and did what I did.”

Kubis said the Quito outing, which spanned 77 stadiums, was “really amazing”.

“Bold to say the least,” Kopech said. “He threw Polbren (Saturday). I don’t think anyone expected him to be there. And to go to fifth, what he covered on a day when you weren’t expected to put on an impressive show. I thought we might have seen some other guys that we don’t. Everyone walks in Right direction. It just didn’t go our way.”

The Sox tied the match at 3 with a single composed by Andrew Vaughn in seventh.

Homer Ezequiel gave a three-game spin against Jose Ruiz in the 11th Rangers lead 6-3, but the Sox responded with a three in the bottom of the game. Sippy Zavala had a sacrifice fly and led Danny Mendyk in a triple round. Rangers players Charlie Colperson and Eli White collided in the play.

AJ Pollock followed him up with a single, and Mendick scored to tie the match.

Rangers took the lead for 12th in Jonah Heim’s solo match right against Matt Foster, who played for the fourth time in five days. La Russa said the closest location for Liam Hendrix was “unavailable” on Sunday.

“He should be there (Mon),” La Rossa said.

The match ended unusually when Lewis Robert was trying to get into third place after Jake Burger flew to the left.

“That was a mistake,” La Rossa said. “You know I like being aggressive, but that wasn’t a good play.”

The series had a promising start for Sox, who He won 8-3 Friday after scoring five games in the eighth game. But they dropped a file The last two in the series, both in additional roles.

“It’s a really disappointing match, because we did a lot of things to beat two-thirds of Cubes, starting with Lopez and Johnny,” said La Rosa. “This is a match we have to win. You have to find a way to win this thing. You did a lot of good things, you didn’t do enough.”

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