“The political situation is irresponsible”

"The political situation is irresponsible"

While the political leaders on whom the line-up revolves, Rutte, Kag and Hoekstra, shut the door to their consulting villa in Hilversum after weekend consultations led by Remkes without achieving anything, Lillian Blumen and Jesse Claver have joined Buitenhof to present their vision.

Claver tried to keep his optimism alive but could not hide the fact that he was disappointed and anxious. The political situation is irresponsible. Parliamentary democracy is violated. If there are six parties from which a majority government has to be formed and half of those parties have not been spoken to, there is a fundamental error.” Claver was referring to his GroenLinks, PvdA and ChristenUnie party.

“We’re not going to do that,” Lillian Blumen said Hoekstra told her of his party, the Christian Democrats, and collaborations with GroenLinks and PvdA. Without giving any objective explanation for it.

Presenter Twan Huys wanted to know if personal relationships stood in the way of cooperation. Claver stated that relations between the three formed leaders are at a low point “but in all honesty this shouldn’t stand in the way. We’re not here for ourselves, even if you don’t get along, you should be able to work together. We need to stop saying” I don’t like you very much.’ It’s not a nursery, I thought I was in the House.’

Blumen and Claver stated that they were still willing to cooperate in forming a majority government. “Put the interests of the Netherlands first rather than only the interests of your party.”

The two left parties want to use general political ideas after Budget Day to come up with their own proposals to tackle the problems. For example, the housing crisis must be resolved by eliminating the landlord tax and limiting rent increases. Klaver wants to declare a climate emergency so there are opportunities to make and implement tough decisions to tackle the climate crisis.

Klaver does not like the new elections: “Then the wings may grow, but the problems will not diminish.”

Talking Roti, Kaj and Hoekstra In another week with Informateur Remkes. In the meantime, it should be clear in The Hague whether the target coalition partners can find each other in negotiations on the new budget.

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