The pending lawsuit “Ulkay Gülsen” and her ex-boyfriend reaches the bottom

The pending lawsuit "Ulkay Gülsen" and her ex-boyfriend reaches the bottom

Last June, the presenter completely opposed her ex-mother-in-law in court. Then the judge decided that Margot had to make it reasonable that Olcay had already borrowed 100,000 euros from her. For this reason, an investigation was conducted last week, in which three witnesses were called: Olcay, her ex-lawyer Frans and Margaux’s ex-lawyer Mino van Galen. During this interrogation, she tells Olcay again that Franz borrowed large sums of money from her during their on-and-off relationship.


During the previous session, Margot Verlan told that Olcay was having financial problems. Partly for this reason, Olcay wanted to borrow 100,000 euros from her. Margot relied in this matter to a large extent on the information she had received from her son. “I am not surprised that Franz brought this story against his mother,” Olcay told the court. “I can imagine that Ghazi is nowhere near the truth and that is why he told his mother this story. I cannot imagine that Ferland knowingly lied about this.


“Ulkay had financial problems and an urgent payment had to be made that day,” France said in court over the alleged 100,000-euro loan. Then I went to my mother and asked her to come to Olcay’s office. Then Olcay asked her for a loan. Frans wasn’t sure who Olcay should pay. I was thinking of the IRS. My mother lent her money after that conversation. (…) We did not agree on anything about interest. It will be a short term loan. Nothing was put on paper. It was a family. Do not expect your girlfriend to cheat on your mother. While the witness questioned Frans, Olcay laughed lightly at the allegations and scolded her. When Frans saw this, he turned his chair to the right and made eye contact. “Yeah, just laugh,” he said shrugging. After that he imitated Olcay’s smile. Moments later, Frans made eye contact again. While questioning the witness, Olcay explained to the judge that she had been harassed by her ex-husband. “I was pressured, blackmailed and intimidated by Mr. Ghazi.” Olcay doesn’t want to go into detail about it. “I won’t say anything,” Story tells after the hearing. “It was all humiliating enough today.” Olcay’s attorney must inform us before October 26 if the presenter also wants to hear witnesses in this case. Only then will the court decide the long-running dispute.

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