! @#$% on Voice Actress Bayonetta 3 and Xbox vs PlayStation and Amouranth

!  @#$% on Voice Actress Bayonetta 3 and Xbox vs PlayStation and Amouranth

In the last episode of Peepshow, there was a whole series of sharp comments. Especially for JJ. In short: the best guy he couldn’t get enough of, he was talking from his neck and he was an Xbox pro. touch. Fortunately, JJ has fairly thick skin and sits behind the desk with this edition. Together with Boris who can also be beaten. And no, they don’t sidestep the problem of buying Activision/Blizzard. First, because a lot has happened back in the last week about the process CMA And secondly, because here we are dealing with a development that could turn the entire gaming industry on its head. But there are also other topics. Like the turmoil surrounding the Bayonetta 3 voice actress and the revelations surrounding one of the most popular streamers at the moment, Amoranth.

Do the CMA and PlayStation have a view on Game Pass?

The Peepshow show for Tuesday, October 17, 2022 is pretty long. There is a lot to discuss and they are all important topics. Because it’s about the survival of the gaming industry as we know it today and about the lives and mental health of a number of people. They also show glimpses of the future. The future, according to the masters, is not always bright. We’ll let you know in the comments if you feel this way too. Peepshow is no less hot for her.

Bayonetta 3 voice actress calls for a boycott of the game

Then there is news from the US where Joe Biden has declared that any American working for a so-called semiconductor company in China should return to the US or lose their citizenship. What are the implications of this call for us players? You’ll get the answer in this new version of Peepshow.

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