The number of Omi crashes has risen to over 200

The number of Omi crashes has risen to over 200

Thirty new cases of the omikron variant of the coronavirus have been identified in countries, including the Netherlands, which are members of the European Health Service ECDC. This increases the total through Monday including Monday to 212.

This relates only to omicron infection in the so-called European Economic Area. Portugal recorded the most confirmed Omi crashes (34), followed by Denmark (32), France (25), Norway (19) and the Netherlands (18). The variant is also found in thirteen other countries, including Germany, Belgium and Italy.

Many of the injured were in South Africa

Most people with the surrogate have recently traveled to South Africa. But there are also people who have not been there and who do not know anyone who has been there. This means that they may have been infected in their environment.

In all subjects who tested positive the complaints were mild or there were no complaints at all. As far as is known, no one died from the variant.

More than 900 Omi crashes in 47 countries

Worldwide, there are now officially over 900 Omi crashes in 47 countries.

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Written by: Bert Van Dorn

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