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The question is not who Elon Musk is, but what he is. Here we have a guy who builds and runs several large companies and constantly announces new technology supposedly from the engineering projects in which he himself is involved. He’s announcing one technology breakthrough after another and marketing them all at lightning speed on a massive scale. By doing so, he presents himself as a kind of savior who wants to save Earth from climatic disasters and save humanity from extinction by turning it into a multi-planetary civilization. How believable is that?

I mean, I have nothing against the Marvel movies even though the heroes are starting to deteriorate more and more now. But the idea of ​​such people roaming the Earth seems strong to me. The character of Elon Musk appears to be based on a mixture of heroes such as Tony Stark and Batman. Both are big capitalists, megalomaniacs and saviors of the world. This is important to give big capitalism a positive image. Not as thieves who earn billions living in poverty, but saviors of the world.

I don’t want to disappoint Elon Musk. But there is no way all of this will come out of his pocket. I see Elon Musk more as an executor of Darpa technology that was secretly developed by the US government and is now being brought to market to compete with China. Musk gets a lot of money from venture capitalists. These types of investors have also brought life to Google and Facebook and these kinds of brutal businesses with unwavering financial backing.

There are indications that venture capitalists are outlets for the US secret services to fund their major projects. For example, Facebook has been given billions constantly as it continues to lose money to build global infrastructure, while keeping its financial side a secret by keeping it a family business until it is built. Amazon and Google were also given huge sums of money without making a profit. This is not a normal development path for independent companies. These companies have grown into what they are today with a lot of money and technology.

What our young god Elon recently offered: improved engines, new generation batteries, a home robot, and such a revolutionary portable nuclear power plant that can burn nuclear waste. Fortunately, the nightlife and the Elon kids won’t suffer because the weekend is theirs. And he can constantly give presentations and interviews all over the place and keep tweeting. Musk also has a secret machine with which you can triple time (which will remain a secret for a while).

research: It happened! Elon Musk just revealed a crazy new nuclear reactor for SpaceX. Elon developed this while in the shower. Teams of scientists usually take several decades to do this, but Elon is from a different class. And he has an unlimited budget for research money, which helps too. And he can do it all in the utmost secrecy, too. Until Elon introduces his new wonder, no one knows about it. What does that smell like?

If you think about it for a moment, you will understand that this has been developed with the huge amounts of money that the United States is constantly allocating in its defense budget. It reminds us of the wondrous weapons of the Nazis that they brought to the battlefield. There were also huge sums of money from the big tycoons behind it. This is not the work of one person but the work of the great power structure behind it.

Starlink will likely also have a military application. The United States keeps its military applications hidden behind commercial applications so that it can spread them around the world with less public resistance. They’re up in India, they’ve actually restricted Starlink because they don’t trust it at all. This means that data traffic is outside the control of your countries and is controlled from the United States. Which self-respecting country would like that? Because everything has become standard with companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Starlink relies on technology that Darpa has developed for the Blackjack Project. I see The US military aims to launch new cheap blackjack spy satellites in 2021There he says, among other things:

The US spy satellite network will get a serious makeover in the next few years, if all goes according to plan.

US military leaders want to change this situation, and they are counting on DARPA to get the ball moving. The agency has launched a program called Blackjack, which aims to raise a network of 20 prototype spy satellites into low Earth orbit (LEO) in 2021.

The craft would be incredibly cheap compared to the current crop: The goal is to build and launch each satellite for about $6 million, said Thomas, Blackjack’s program manager.

Blackjack aims to achieve this ambitious cost target by taking advantage of developments in the private space sector. Several companies plan to create massive star constellations in low Earth orbit in the next few years, to provide cost-effective Internet service to people all over the world. SpaceX’s Starlink network, for example, will include thousands of individual satellites.

BlackJack will integrate reconnaissance and communications payloads into standard commercial satellite structures (known as buses) and take advantage of the high launch rate required to lift huge towers.

In other words, Starlink, like cloud companies, data collectors, etc., is just another link in the complete dominance of the digital infrastructure that the West is building to subjugate the world. Starlink’s main goal is to make countries completely transparent, so that they can no longer hide their nuclear weapons and thus make nuclear attack possible.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if they were going to hang small nuclear weapons in space at a later stage. A boring project could be a program to move one’s nuclear weapons underground and thus make them less vulnerable. Everything is always done under a different cover. Supposedly, Facebook and Google have brought us a new economy. The drilling company is supposed to revolutionize transportation. The main reason is usually of a different nature.

Musk now pretends Starlink is in financial trouble and threatens SpaceX’s survival. But then he introduced the nuclear power plant secretly developed by SpaceX at a cheap cost in record time. naturally.

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