The NFL has fined New England Patriots’ Kyle Duger for a fight with Michael Pittman Jr. of the Indianapolis Colts.

The NFL has fined New England Patriots' Kyle Duger for a fight with Michael Pittman Jr. of the Indianapolis Colts.

Foxboro, MA – Safety of the New England Patriots Kyle Dogger He was fined $10,520 by the NFL after being sent off for a fight with the Indianapolis Colts receiver. Michael Bateman Jr.. last weekend.

Pittman, who was also fired, was not fined after the NFL reviewed the brawl video. The league also did fine colts receiver TY Hilton To communicate with an official in the subsequent crowd of players, after consulting with the official.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick questioned why Hilton wasn’t fired for his actions, which came after Duger and Bateman canceled after a running play and players from both teams joined the fray. While the system was trying to restore it, Hilton seemed to push referee Tra Blake to the ground.

“I don’t understand why TY Hilton wasn’t fired to contact an official,” Belichick said. “Intentionally or unintentionally, this has no effect on the play. These plays are subject to review and are reviewed.”

In 2018, the NFL instituted a rule change allowing the league’s command center in New York to remove players for non-football action such as punching or fighting.

Belichick’s anger appeared to be directed at the command center who reviewed the video of the Dugger-Pittman story to assist referee Carl Cheffers in the decision-making process and did not specify Hilton’s action. Hilton later fished 19 yards.

“I mean, pay an official. That was very obvious. But it wasn’t called out at all. That’s an obvious dismissal to me,” Belichick said.

As for what led to Douger and Pittman being sent off after 7 yards by running backwards Jonathan TaylorDuger explained it from his point of view. Bateman was blocking Dogger during the escape.

“It was just physical play all over. I tried to release myself, [and] He was clearly in a good position to stop me. I tried to release and I felt trapped. “So I kind of tried to get out of it,” he said. After that, it kind of escalated with the push. It happened kind of really fast. … I just have to be smarter. slow down my thinking.”

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