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Adata introduced a preliminary version of the XPG Vault gaming mouse. This mouse has USB-C connectivity and a built-in 1TB SSD with transfer speeds of up to 985MB/s. It is not known if and when the mouse will appear on the market.

picture via Adata

Adata introduces its XPG Vault concept mouse In a press release. The company says it will showcase the gaming mouse at CES. The company states that the current prototype can incorporate up to 1 TB of solid-state storage and uses the Gaming Launcher software. The integrated solid-state drive achieves speeds of up to 985MB/s over USB-C, according to Adata. The company does not mention the USB generation, but to achieve these speeds, at least USB 3.2 Gen 2 is required. This USB version provides maximum transfer speeds of 10 Gb/s, converted 1.25 Gb/s.

It is not known if and when XPG Vault will be released to the market. In its press release, Adata talks about a “product concept” and a prototype. The company is showing off the XPG Alpha, which will be available wired and wireless and will get a Pixart PAW3335 sensor. According to the company, the wireless version supports 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity. It is not known when this mouse will appear on the market and Adata does not mention recommended prices.

Adata will also display prototypes of Introducing the first PCIe 5.0 solid state drive (SSD), which the company claims can reach read speeds of up to 14 GB/s. It is also not known when SSDs will appear on the market. Furthermore, the company will offer a DDR5 memory dimmer with speeds up to 7000Mbps, laptops, Ph.D. water coolers, housing and a power supply during CES. The exhibition begins January 5th.

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