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According to the New York Times, FIFA wanted to get more than $1 billion every four years from EA Sports to obtain a license to use the FIFA name for the game series of the same name. So EA will consider changing the name.

FIFA and EA Sports have been negotiating a license renewal for the game series for at least two years, but those negotiations have almost stalled. Which He writes for the New York Times Based on discussions with stakeholders. According to press sources, FIFA will bet on doubling the licensing costs.

The claim stated that the licensing agreement between the two companies would bring FIFA $150 million annually so far. In any case, the new proposal would mean “more than $1 billion per four-year World Cup cycle.”

The current license agreement was for ten years. That period will end next year after the World Cup in Qatar. EA Sports CEO Cam Webber said last week that the company was “considering the idea” of releasing the soccer game. another name “This means that we are reviewing our rights agreement with FIFA for the name.”

Since then, it has become clear that the company has applied for the intellectual property in the name of “EA Sports FC” with European Union Intellectual Property Office. The first version of FIFA International Soccer was released in 1993. The latest version is FIFA 22. EA Sports sells millions of copies of the game, making the game series profitable for both the publisher and FIFA. It is not known if the negotiations were finally concluded.

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