The New York Mets survive behind Jacob Degrom, Game of Strength 3

The New York Mets survive behind Jacob Degrom, Game of Strength 3

New York – Mets Ice Jacob Degrom He couldn’t help but think about his future on Saturday night. With free agency looming and the San Diego Padres making their first game of the National League Wild Card Series, DeGrum said he got his start in Game 2 realizing that if he didn’t play well, it might be the last time he showed up on the Citi field as a collector. .

“I thought about it, but the hope was that we’d win a baseball game and keep playing,” Degrom said.

He came in, went six innings and allowed five hits and two runs in two walks with eight hits in the Mets’ 7-3 victory. The win ensured DeGrom would have at least another day to dress up as the Mets, Sunday night when the Padres and Mets play Game 3.

DeGrom set the tone early on, starting the game by throwing 12 pitches over 99mph and seven over 100mph. He retired from the top of the Padres squad in order, and crossed out the slugs Juan Soto And the Mane Machado swings. Throughout the evening, Degrom relied primarily on his speedball — which has exceeded 100 mph in 19 of his 99 pitches — and the slider, throwing the lone ball only twice and changing it six times. Sixty of his kicks were strikes.

Padres scored two goals from Degrom, the first coming at home from Trent Greshamhis second in several nights.

‘I must tip my hat to Trent, that Homer,’ said Degrom, ‘felt well that he had just come to it.’

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The second half came after Degroom marched to Gresham to lead the fifth, as Padres defensive back. gorexson brovar Hit one game-related RBI down the right field line. DeGrom threw five slides in a row at the six-court Provar.

“It’s something I wish I’d go to quickly,” Degrom said at Profar at-bat. “I just felt like I had a good feeling about it; I just threw a lot of it in a row, and it stays a fair one.”

Degrom said he hit a groove on his last turn on the hill.

Slider was good and quick on the ball, actually [Padres first baseman Brandon] DruryI threw one down and away where I wanted to, said Degrom. I felt like I made an adjustment there, and in the sixth inning, I felt better. “

After DeGrom’s exit, Mets manager Buck Showalter made an unusual choice to round off Edwin Diaz In the seventh half. With Gresham beating two hosts against the Mets during the first two games of the series, Showalter wanted to challenge Padres’ player with the team’s toughest loyalist before coming up to the top of the San Diego lineup in a 3-2 game.

Against Diaz, Grisham was suspended in front of Padres Musk Austin Nola in the middle. Diaz then knocked out Provar and Soto to finish the seventh inning.

Diaz returned to the eighth inning. After getting Machado off the ground, he walked Josh Bell cross out Jake Kronworth. Then Showalter came to the pile to replace Diaz with the diluent Adam OttavinoWho hit Drury to end the inning.

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Showalter said he had no intention of having Diaz serve three runs and finish the match.

“When they were in the batting order, we had a problem with Gresham. I wasn’t planning on going in the third with him,” Showalter said of Diaz. “There were things that would change that; if he had two rounds of eight pitches, I would have thought about it.”

Diaz asked to remain in the competition to finish Drury, but Showalter said he needed him to be available for Sunday’s third game.

“I was feeling great,” Diaz said. “I thought I could take out Drury, but he told me he needed me tomorrow and that was enough for today.” “So, I said let’s win the match tomorrow.”

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