North Korea launches missiles again, South Korea and Japan angry | Abroad

North Korea launches missiles again, South Korea and Japan angry |  Abroad

North Korea fired two more missiles, both of which ended up at sea. Neighbors South Korea and Japan reacted fiercely. The South Koreans say they were short-range missiles.

According to the South Korean military, two missiles were launched from the eastern coastal town of Muncheon in North Korea early Sunday morning. They flew about 350 kilometers and reached a maximum altitude of between 90 and 100 kilometers before descending into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

Japan’s Deputy Defense Minister Toshiro Ino called the launches “totally unacceptable” because they threaten regional and international peace and security. According to Eno, they could be submarine-launched missiles. “We are still investigating the details, including the possibility of it being launched from the sea,” Inoue said.

Eight launch

North Korea has now completed eight missile launches in just two weeks. On Tuesday, the communist regime in Pyongyang launched a missile that flew over Japanese territory, which led to the sound of sirens in certain areas. Then the United States, South Korea and Japan responded with missile tests and military exercises in the air. But North Korea responded with new missiles and imitation bombing. Then South Korea and the United States began new military exercises on Friday, this time at sea. North Korea views the joint operations between the United States and the South as an invasion maneuver.

Therefore, North Korea calls for the latest missile launch for self-defense against “military threats” from the United States. A statement issued by the official Central News Agency stated that the launches, according to the system, did not affect the security of neighboring countries and aviation in the region.

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